Recording with Panopto Recorder

You can access Panopto outside of course site as well, and use to record and share your recordings.

Before you get started - here is a video on how to deliver course lectures.

How to Record a Video

Please note: You will need to have a camera and microphone on your machine to record a video. 

To make your first recording associated with your course, go to the Panopto block in course site and click on the "course setting" links to open the default Panopto folder for your course. This will authenticate you automatically and  make sure your video is associated with the correct course. Download the Panopto recorder if prompted.


If working on video not associated with a course,

  1. To make your first recording, you can go to and log in with your Lehigh credentials. You can either download the Panopto recorder, or record in browser using Panopto Capture.
  2. If using the recorded, you can then either open the recorder separately OR click on the create button in the Panopto website and select "Record a new session".  

If you are not logged into Panopto via course site, you may be prompted to "add a site" when installing the recorder.  Please use

3. Verify that you are in the correct folder. 

    • The folder drop down will include any courses for which you are granted access.  If you have already provisioned your course for Panopto, select your course folder so that you students have access to your recordings.
    • If you select your course folder, your videos will automatically load into your course and be available in the Panopto block in lower right under "course recordings" heading.

4. Name your video or lecture.

    • The Session is the name of the recording, i.e., Lecture 1.  The session name is required and will default to the day, date, and time. You can change this later if needed.  

5. Make sure you have the appropriate video and audio source picked.

The primary source is the presenter of the video (you) and will appear in the upper left. 

  • If you would like to record your powerpoint without an image of you and WITH your annotations, change your primary source video to none, set audio to your microphone, change secondary sources to built-in display, and make sure capture (or record) powerpoint is checked.
  • If you would like to record ONLY your powerpoint WITH an image of you or no other computer displays, set your primary source video to your web camera, change both secondary sources to none, and make sure capture (or record) powerpoint is checked. When you  launch your powerpoint in slide show mode- Panopto will begin the recording eliminating the need to edit or trim the sections of the videoHowever, Panopto will NOT record any annotations you might make during your presentations with these settings.
  •  If you would like to simply record your computer screen(s) without an image of you, change your primary source video to none.  Make sure your audio is still being captured, so you can record a voice over if desired. 

6. Once you have the settings as you want them, click the Start Recording button.

7. Minimize Panopto recorder, and  open the content you would like present and begin.

PLEASE experiment and do a test video first to make sure your settings are correct!

Improve your Video

Improving Panopto Recorder Video Quality

Edit your Video

Editing Panopto Recordings

Move your Video

Moving Videos

Share your Video

Sharing Videos

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