Moving Panopto Videos from One Course Folder to Another

You may need to move your videos so that other can view them. If your videos are in "MY FOLDER" by default these are videos are private and only you will be able to view or edit.   

For Faculty Only - Log into your course site, make sure you have provisioned the course for use with Panopto. Provisioning your course creates a special folder for your class that only you can edit and only your students can view.  For how - See Using Panopto for the First Time in Course Site (Moodle),  Panopto videos DO need to be moved each semester to your newly provisioned course folders.

For Students, Faculty, or Staff- Log into OR

This will open up Panopto and allow you to select the videos that you want to move by hovering over the video and marking the checkbox that appears.  Click "Move" 

Please note you have to select ONE video, to activate the select all check box. 

Next select the "name" of YOUR Course Folder to move the videos into.

Select the folder and then click "Move"

Share your Videos

Share Videos

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