One of LTS's primary services to the campus is providing access to software.  Below are links to various methods for accessing and obtaining needed computer software. 

LTS Software Purchase or Distribution Requests

LTS has defined procedures for requesting the purchase of software by LTS and / or distribution of software regardless of funding source.

Software Updates

Software on LTS-managed systems like classrooms and computing site PCs is updated regularly during semester breaks (winter and summer).   As vendors provide new versions, they're queued for installation by the software engineering team, and installed over the breaks.  It is highly recommended that faculty using software for classes take time near the end of those breaks to examine the new versions with respect to their curricula to ensure that all needed features work as expected before the start of the semester.

In addition, LTS works continuously to maintain the currency of the operating systems (Windows, macOS) and anti-virus and anti-malware software on users' computers.  Lapses in this area can cause serious information security issues.  Our Security team or a Computing Consultant may contact you with regard to updating old versions of software running on your systems.

While this process is mostly automated, it requires users to occasionally reboot their workstations.  In cases where important security updates have gone uninstalled for too long, Windows will force a restart.  This can be disruptive, so it's highly recommended that users become familiar with their operating systems' signals for needed updates, and become proactive in running those installations and rebooting their systems as needed.

Purchasing Software

These websites have discounted software available for students and faculty/staff for academic use.

  • Lehigh On the Hub - 'The Hub' is a web portal for students that offers links to software available for purchase or download at a discount based on Lehigh's license agreements.  Popular resource to get a copy of Windows 10 or Office for your personal machine. 
  • JourneyEd - an educational software reseller carrying a number of popular titles.
  • CDW - a national, web-based technology reseller with a large, defined area for educational customers.
  • Azure Dev Tools for Teaching (formerly 'Dreamspark' and 'Microsoft Imagine') - This resource allows students and faculty to freely download Windows, Microsoft server products, Visual studio and other Microsoft programs.  For more details see our FAQ.

Miscellaneous Software Help

For immediate help, contact the LTS Help Desk (Hours)
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