Uploading Media to Panopto

You may already have recordings you'd like to share OR you may choose to create video or media files without the Panopto recorder such as zoom recordings.  Any audio and video files can be uploaded and shared from Panopto. This is particularly useful for both faculty and students who may choose to make recordings on their mobile devices and or in the DIY studio.

  • FACULTY can Log into Panopto from a provisioned course from the course settings link in your Panopto Block. If you don't see your course folder, here is how to Provision your course. Students will automatically have access to any materials you upload to your Panopto course folder in the completed recordings.
  • STUDENTS  (anyone) can open go.lehigh.edu/panopto 

  • Verify that you are in the correct folder or navigate to the correct folder

3. Click on the Create button

4. Choose Upload and follow the prompts

You may want to add your ZOOM recordings to your Panopto Folder for your course.

Share your Video

Sharing Videos

Edit your Video

Editing Panopto Recordings

Move your Video

Moving Videos

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