Document Camera - Elmo MX-P2

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The Elmo MX-P2  is a very easy to use 4K resolution document camera. It is designed for live display of documents and slides and is compatible with both Panopto and Zoom.

MX-P2 captures true 4K at 30fps or full HD at 60fps and comes with a built in microphone and 16x digital zoom. It’s very flexible with many articulation points. It twists and bends at various angles, and folds up into a compact square.

Weighing only 1.2lbs it is lightweight and portable and it is connected to your computer via a USB 3.0 cable. It also supports HDMI output and VGA for attaching to a projector.

To begin, plug in the USB 3.0 cable. If you are just looking to interface with Panopto or Zoom then simply attach the USB 3.0 cable to the computer and the document camera. 

Attach the HDMI cable to the Elmo if you wish to share the video with a projector in a room.

Note: You may also need to plug in the power cable in case your usb port does not provide enough power for the device. Some laptops USB ports do not provide enough power and certain functions like zooming in/out do not work. Plugging in the A/C power cable enabled all of the functions to work.

Next simply lift the arm up and rotate the camera head so that it is facing down.

Then press the power button once to power on. On the device itself you’ll notice additional controls.

From top left to right the buttons are: (Turn on light from overhead LED, flip image, freeze frame, power on/off, increase brightness, decrease brightness, zoom, auto focus, and zoom out).

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