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The Zoom Q2N is marketed as the ultimate camera for musicians. This device captures both HD video and very high quality audio with the built in X/Y microphones that capture stereo imaging. There are 10 scene presets for different lighting conditions and 3 angles to record in. A wide angle, normal, and telephoto. All adjustments are made using the switches of the side of the body. Finally, the camera records to the mpeg 4 format for video and wav for audio to a micro SD card which is included in our loan.

This device would be used for pre-recorded content only. Content could then be uploaded to a streaming service such as Panopto or YouTube, after the recording was downloaded to a computer.

Let’s go over all the settings: 

There are 6 switches on the sides of the body that can toggle between the various settings. Each switch has 3 positions.

The Video switch alters the video resolution and frame rates (ex: 1080p, 24fps)

The FOV switch changes the viewing angles for the video. Wide angle, normal, and telephoto.

The Scene switch toggles between various lighting presets.

The Lo Cut switch removes low frequencies from an audio signal to help eliminate background noise.

The Audio switch toggles between the audio Hz and bitrate for audio quality.

The Auto Gain switch toggles between a decibel boost to increase the loudness of the audio signal.

Below that is the playback button, the record button, and the stop button.

On the left side is a dial for manually controlling the microphone sensitivity to control recording level.

Below that dial is a usb 3.0 port and micro usb port.

On the right side you have ports for headphones and an external microphone. There are also two buttons for volume adjustment of the headphones.

The Zoom Q2N runs off AA batteries and it comes with a cable to attach to a computer to download your file. You can also upload these files to Panopto. When you power on the device and attach it to a computer the device will ask you if you wish to connect and it will mount the memory card to your computer.

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