Large or wide format scanning and printing

If you need to scan or print a large-format documents, LTS offers several options:

  • LTS EWFM Library, 400 level (main floor).

    • Scanning: 11x17 (tabloid) scanners and a self-service touchscreen bookedge 11x17 scanner.

    • Printing: One color printer and three BW printers can print 8.5x11 only.

  • The Digital Media Studio (DMS) has a color and black and white printer, 8.5x11. 

  • There are several options for scanning and printing documents in the DMS:

    • 11x17 tabloid-capable scanners can scan portions of a document, and software is available to “stitch” multiple scans together with quality results. This service is available by appointment.

    • Digital cameras can be used to photographically reproduce large documents.

    • 11x17 printing is available.

Other locations

  • Wilbur Powerhouse Mac/PC lab has three standard size flatbed scanners and a color printer that accommodates 11x17 and letter-sized paper.

  • Mountain Hawk Design and Print Center can print larger-size files and can scan larger sizes as well.  As of December 2018 they offer:

    • Scanning up to 11x17 

    • Printing an  area of 61" wide x any length

    • A wide range of material (they can provide a sample of their popular stocks) 

    • Their digital printing department can stitch booklets, up to a size of 13x19 

  • Cogan Blueprint in Bethlehem, 200 E Broad St, Bethlehem, PA 18018 (610) 868-7404

  • WGraphics in Easton, PA. 

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