IPEVO VZ-R Document Camera

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The IPEVO VZ-R Document Camera captures all your material- documents, textbooks, artwork, devices, and 3D objects- and streams real-time images directly to your TV, monitor, or projector via HDMI, skipping the need for a computer. It also features a USB connection for using with a computer.

To connect your VZ-R directly to a TV, projector or monitor via HDMI

-Connect an HDMI cable to the HDMI port of VZ-R. Then, connect the other end of the cable to the HDMI port of a TV, projector or monitor.

-Connect the included USB to the USB port of VZ-R. Then, connect the other end of the cable to the USB port of your TV, projector or computer to provide power for VZ-R.

 -Turn on VZ-R using the Power Switch. A live image from VZ-R should appear on your TV, projector or monitor. VZ-R is now ready to use.

Using VZ-R in USB Mode

You can use VZ-R in the USB mode by connecting it to a computer via the included cable. You can then project live images to a large screen through a projector connected to your computer. VZ-R is also compatible with a variety of videoconferencing software including Zoom when used in USB mode.


Setting up screen sharing with IPEVO document cameras in Zoom

 -Plug in an IPEVO document camera to your computer via USB. Remember to turn on the document camera using the power switch.


       -Log in to Zoom client on your desktop or laptop.

       -Click Settings located at the top right under your profile picture.


      -Click the Video tab.


      -Select your document camera as the camera source in Camera.


      -Check Enable HD in My Video. This enables you to use HD video for your meetings.


        -If you’re seeing a mirrored image in preview, uncheck Mirror my video in My Video.


       -If you need to rotate the image, simply rotate the camera head of your document camera. Or you can also press the Rotate button.

       -The IPEVO document camera comes with a built-in microphone, you can use that as the audio source for your video meetings if you wish.

       -To do so, click the Audio tab and select the IPEVO.


      -And you’re all ready to host or join a meeting!

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