Leaving Lehigh

There are a number of things that happen when you leave Lehigh.  You will be asked to return your keys to the IDEAL office; your parking permit expires; you have a chance to cash out your dining dollars; and you'll need to return any library books.  Lehigh will start closing down your online access and purging your accounts (check with your supervisor (staff) or look for an email (students) providing details on the timing of your account deactivation.   

If you have files or email messages that you need or would like to retain, you must copy or download them to disk or to another account prior to the closing date. If you have shared files within Google Drive, please transfer ownership of the files to one of the accounts with which the files are shared. 

Once your account is closed, you will not be able to access services that require Lehigh University credentials, such as Lehigh Google email and apps, Lehigh Office 365 subscription, Lehigh OneDrive, Panopto, Campus Portal, Course Site, library resources, LAN space, secure wireless, VPN, public site computers, and web space.

Once the account is closed, all files associated with your account will be deleted.  For Faculty/Staff leaving Lehigh, accounts will closed one week from the last day of work.  Departing staff will lose access to the departmental I drive, and any Argos and Banner at the end of their last day of employment. This does not include self-service Banner.   

Transfer your Lehigh Gmail and Back up Google Drive files

Reach out to your contacts and let them know your new contact info.  You can setup a vacation message in Lehigh gmail to automatically respond with a message that you are no longer at Lehigh and how to contact you in the future. Once your account is closed, the vacation message will stop being sent.

Check your other online services (such as Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Pandora, your bank(s) or credit card(s), PayPal, LinkedIn) and change any account recovery addresses you may have setup with your lehigh.edu account to your personal email account.  

You can transfer or takeout a copy of your g suite files, mail, calendar, youtube, etc. to another account that you own, such as a personal gmail account.  

You can also share files, sites, and folders with another user at Lehigh, and transfer the ownership of them to them.   You can also transfer calendars that you own, such as a shared group calendar you created.  If you own a g suite group, you can make someone else an owner by changing their role.  If you manage a shared drive, you can make another user of it the manager so that they can take over when your account is closed.

You can review your usage and settings by looking at the g suite dashboard.

Identify and change any accounts that use your Lehigh mail for password recovery

When setting up online services such as Netflix, Amazon, Dropbox, Hulu, etc., you may have specified your Lehigh email address for password recovery or as your default email address. After your account is closed, you will not be able to receive password reset or other important information from companies you buy from or subscribe to. Make sure to update those accounts to specify a non-Lehigh email address.

Download Office 365 portal / OneDrive files

Login to the Office 365 portal and download any sharepoint / OneDrive files stored there.

Copy H: Drive files (LAN space) files

Copy local LAN files from your H: drive space that you may want to keep

Download Course Site Materials

Login to Course Site, /wiki/spaces/LKB/pages/26692995, and download any of your work that you may want to preserve. 

Download Panopto Recordings

Login to Panopto and download any of your recordings that you may want to preserve.

Export Web page files

Download a copy of any web page files you may have on https://www.lehigh.edu, https://wordpress.lehigh.edu or another locally created web site here on campus.

Word Press Transfer Directions: https://en.support.wordpress.com/moving-from-self-hosted-wordpress-to-wordpress-com/

Set up E-Portfolio on Mahara

Login to Mahara and setup a portfolio of your work

Set up Graduating Students / Alumni Account

Graduating students can join https://mylehigh.lehigh.edu/ to stay connected to Lehigh with local alumni events.  The signup also lets you create an alumni gmail account "@alum.lehigh.edu".  

Configure Retiring Faculty / Staff Account

Lehigh retirees keep their Lehigh gmail account and access to Lehigh's network resources, but should transfer working files, documents, and meeting calendars to someone who is still employed.  Most retiree's setup a vacation message so people sending work related messages will get a response informing them that they are no longer at Lehigh and who to contact.

FAQ with more detailed information about retiree access.

If a retiree no longer wishes to keep their account open, they can contact the Identity Management office and request to close the account.  

Dropbox Enterprise Files

Your Lehigh Dropbox Enterprise account will be closed upon separation or retirement from Lehigh University. If desired, you may transfer your personal Dropbox files to a private Dropbox account that uses a non-Lehigh email address. This can be accomplished using the Dropbox desktop software on Windows or Mac computers. The process consists of moving personal files from the Lehigh University Dropbox folder to the private Dropbox folder and waiting to allow synchronization to take place. Instructions for doing this can be found at here . If desired, Lehigh University LTS can transfer the entire contents of your Lehigh University Dropbox account to another Lehigh University faculty/staff member. This service can be requested via http://www.lehigh.edu/help

Future Zoom Meetings and Recordings

For any future meetings, transfer your hosting permissions to another Lehigh account.  You can download your cloud recordings as needed.  Please submit a ticket to Instructional Technology Team, if you need additional support.

Go links and departmental IN accounts

If you manage any departmental "Go" links (e.g., go.lehigh.edu/), arrange to transfer them to another staff member who can then manage them. IN or departmental or club accounts should be shared with a colleague or (for club accounts) the club advisor or another office holder in the club.

For immediate help, contact the LTS Help Desk (Hours)
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