BC 216 - Conference Room

BC 216 Conference Room is located on the second floor of Mountaintop Building C between the center and south stairwells.

Configuration and available technology

  • 18 - movable chairs
  • 1 - long conference table
  • 1 - wall-mounted 86" touch sensitive monitor connected to

One Dell 7050 micro computer, with the public site image, located on the upper-right corner of the right monitor  (Crestron AirMedia app is not part of the image)
One AirMedia wireless laptop connection

One Crestron Mercury conferencing unit for audio in/out
One PTZ camera below monitors controlled by Mercury unit connected to PC, controlled by remote


Wake up the Display

You can wake up the Dell display by using the proper Dell remote control – You may need to press and hold the power button for at least 6 seconds


Point Close to the Sensor

Power On

Change Inputs


You can press the power button on the far right at the bottom of the display. See image.

Computer should be on.

Note: To use computer, the keyboard toggle switch needs be turned to green  for "on." If the computer does not respond, then press and hold the power button on the computer mounted behind the display on the right hand side. (See screen shot below.)

Computer on back of monitor

Keyboard for Dell computer

Remote and PTZ camera for web conferencing

Using the Crestron Control Panel

This is the Home Screen

If you want to connect your laptop via wired connection or through Lehigh wireless, the system supports HDMI and AIR MEDIA connections. Audio and video signal is supported via both connections.

Choose the desired connection type.


To use Air media, you will need to install an application.  You may open a browser on your device, and type in the IP address listed on the panel, you will then need to follow the prompts.


You may install app to save yourself a few steps the next time you connect.

Follow link for more about AirMedia (present.crestron.com) - scroll down to bottom of this page for deployment applications.

To make a call, select desired option

To start a web conference, follow these instructions.

For Zoom conferencing connect to session from PC

  • Audio input is Echo Cancelling Speakerphone (Crestron Mercury)
  • Audio output is Echo Cancelling Speakerphone (Crestron Mercury)

Questions and/or additional assistance

If you have any questions about this space, please contact the Instructional Technology Team via http://www.lehigh.edu/help using the Classroom Technology option.

For immediate help, contact the LTS Help Desk (Hours)
EWFM Library | Call: 610-758-4357 (8-HELP) | Text: 610-616-5910 | Chat | helpdesk@lehigh.edu
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