BC 220 - Seminar Room

BC 220 Seminar Room is located on the second floor of Mountaintop Building C accessible directly from the center stairwell. The classroom overlooks the center bay (C2).

Using the projection system

To turn on the projection system, locate the control panel behind the podium on the wall (stairwell-side) and press the Power button. The light will begin flashing red as the system powers on. Once the power indicator light goes to steady red, the system will be ready to use. Please note: if you plan to switch inputs to another source (e.g. laptop), please wait an additional 10-15 seconds after the power indicator light goes steady red before pressing another input button as the system may still be finishing the startup process in the background.

On startup, the system defaults to the Wireless Device input (display shown above). The wireless device is a Mersive Solstice Pod via which you can share any internet-connected device including laptops, tablets, and other mobile devices.

If you want to connect your laptop via wired connection or if you have a non-Lehigh affiliated presenter who cannot access Lehigh wireless, the system supports HDMI and VGA connections. Audio and video signal is supported via both connections:

  • HDMI - audio and video signal is transmitted over the single cable connection
  • VGA - video signal is transmitted over the VGA cable connection but the 1/8" audio cable also needs to be connected to transmit audio

Regardless which cable connection you choose to use, the only button you need to press on the wall-mounted control panel is the Laptop input button to send that input to the projector.

Questions and/or additional assistance

If you have any questions about this space, please contact the Instructional Technology Team via http://www.lehigh.edu/help using the Classroom Technology option.

For immediate help, contact the LTS Help Desk (Hours)
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