macOS: Update your Wi-Fi Password

Since Lehigh passwords change regularly, you will need to update your stored password for Lehigh's wireless network, too.  If these instructions don't help, check 'Removing a Saved Password from the Mac Keychain'.

1.  If you're not automatically being prompted to enter your new Lehigh password on your wireless connection, you may need to remove the Lehigh wireless network entry and add it back.

To do this, click System Preferences > Network > Wi-Fi, then click Advanced. Click the Wi-Fi tab.

2.  Review the networks in the 'Preferred Networks' list and remove the lehigh network, if listed.

To do this, select the record and click the '-' (minus) button.  Then, Click OK, and further, click Apply and exit the Network window.

3.  Now, click on the wireless icon in the menu bar, and then choose the lehigh network from the list.

When prompted, enter your Lehigh username and password.

4.  If you receive a prompt to verify the certificate, click Continue.

5.  Enter your Mac password when prompted and click Update Settings.

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