Report Network Connection Problems

If you are experiencing problems with your LAN connection and you are unsure whether the problem is your LAN jack or your computer, please contact the Help Desk first.  If the Help Desk or your Computing Consultant determines that the problem is a bad LAN jack or network connection, they will submit a trouble ticket for you.

If you moved your computer to another active LAN jack and were successful in accessing the LAN, then it may be a problem with the LAN jack and NOT your computer equipment. If this is the case, the Help Desk or your Computing Consultant will forward the ticket to the Network Infrastructure team, and we'll work to troubleshoot the issue further.

IMPORTANT: When contacting the Help Desk, please provide:

  • the building,
  • room,
  • jack ID (number on the wall plate),
  • name and phone number of the person(s) experiencing a problem and/or available to provide access to the room.

For immediate help, contact the LTS Help Desk (Hours)
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