FAQ: Wireless (WiFi) Networks

Can I connect my handheld device or smartphone to Lehigh's wireless network?

Yes.  The majority of mobile devices can be configured to access either Lehigh's secure wireless network or one of our others.

When I try to connect to Lehigh's wireless network, I am prompted for a username, password, or key.  What do I enter?

Lehigh's secure wireless network (SSID = 'lehigh') requires you to enter your Lehigh username and password.  

Are on-campus students permitted to run their own wireless routers or access points in their rooms?

No.  Students are not permitted to run individual wireless routers/access points in their rooms. Running a wireless router/access point is a violation of Lehigh's Acceptable Use policy and can result in a loss of network access for violators. There are many reasons for this prohibition. Student-run routers/access points interfere with Lehigh's wireless signal and will cause problems for other students living nearby who are trying to use it. Also, they pose a security risk. Misconfigured or poorly secured routers/access points can leave a student's computer vulnerable to possible hacking and other security threats.

Can I connect a wireless printer to Lehigh's wireless network?

Generally, no.  Very few wireless printers support the type of security protocol that allows them provide the needed username and password, and doing so would require storing those credentials in a potentially insecure fashion.

Can I connect a game console or smart TV to Lehigh's wireless network?

Sometimes.  Depending on the type of console, it may be able be joined to the LUNA network for such devices.

What is the difference between the 'lehigh' and 'lehigh-guest' wireless networks?

Big.  The 'lehigh' wireless network provides high-speed connectivity to all of the university's networked systems, just like the wired LAN.  The 'lehigh-guest' network only provides access to the internet, and at a very low speed, strictly as a convenience for guests of the university.  It's only intended for temporary light-duty email and browsing.  It has no security at all, and really should not be used by students, faculty or staff on any regular basis.  The regular 'lehigh' network is broadcast by the same access points, and is available at the same signal strength.

My wireless connection on campus is very slow.

Check the network speed troubleshooting guide. If this does not resolve your problem, report your location, the date and time of your issue, and your finding from troubleshooting at lehigh.edu/help

My wireless connection at home (off-campus) is slow or not working.

While LTS does not support home wireless, some good general advice is:

  • Turn your wireless router/device off for about ten seconds and back on.
  • Reboot your connected laptop, computer, or other device.
  • Contact your Internet Service Provider for additional help. 

We are inviting a vendor or guest to campus and we need them to have fast wireless. Who should we contact?

Read about our wireless access for guests. If the vendor or guest is an eduroam user, they can use eduroam at Lehigh. Otherwise, complete a special account request at least a day before their arrival. 

What wireless coverage should I expect on campus?

Wireless coverage is excellent throughout the campus and nearby buildings.  

Cannot Join Wifi Network "Please Move Closer" Macbook Pro(Only)

If you receive this message when trying to access Lehigh Wifi on your MacBook Pro, these are some steps you can try.

  • Click on Finder in the bottom left in Dock
  • Click on Applications under Favorites
  • Search for the Utilities Folder
  • Double Click Keychain Access to open
  • Under Keychains, make sure to be in “login” section
  • Scroll to the bottom, and right click on “lehigh” and delete.
  • Restart MacBook Pro,
  • Right click on Wifi Symbol
  • Sign in again to Lehigh Wifi with your Lehigh username and Password

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