Requirements for Devices Connecting to Lehigh's Network

Requirements for All Devices

  • To connect to the network, all devices must be configured to obtain their IP address automatically via DHCP. Permanently reserved addresses are available, but must be obtained via interaction with the network's DHCP service.
  • While PoE is available everywhere, it is in limited supply. Exceptions must be cleared with the Network Engineering team.
  • The network will not provide access-control to a device. If a device require access control, it must provide it via its own mechanism.
  • Devices acting as unauthorized wireless Access Points are NOT allowed.
  • Spanning-tree devices are not permitted on Lehigh's network.
  • Devices must be able to link at a minimum speed of 100Mbps

Additional Requirements for Wireless Devices

All wireless devices must:

  • Not require 802.11b data rates
  • Accept dynamic IP addresses only. No IP reservations can be made for wireless devices, and thus no campus firewall exceptions, either.

Strong Recommendations for All Devices

  • Sensors should be connected with wired Ethernet; Wireless sensor devices are highly discouraged. Sensors are devices like temperature thermostats, cameras, door locks and access control devices, TV's, monitors, etc.
  • Wireless device long term use of the Lehigh Guest network is highly discouraged. The wireless guest network is a lower level of service, rate limited, not guaranteed, and may go away at any time in the future without notice.

Additional Restrictions

  • Content served via non-Lehigh assets can only be served using a CNAME.

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