Generate Duo Backup Codes for Two-Factor Authentication

A good practice when using two-factor authentication is to print out backup codes in case your primary factor such as cell phone is unavailable. These codes should be kept with you in a safe location and can only be used once. If you generate new codes, all old codes will become invalid.

Step-by-step guide

1) Connect to the Duo Backup Code Generator webpage

Connect to Duo Backup Code Generator. You will be prompted to sign into Lehigh SSO and will be prompted authenticate using two-factor authentication with Duo.

2) Generate Codes and Print

Click Generate Codes.

  • Please print these codes and keep them in a safe place. They can be used to access your account when your mobile device is not available.
  • Backup codes do not expire, but can only be used once.
  • Each time you click on Generate Codes button to generate new backup codes previous generated backup codes will be invalid.

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