Managing commenting on your blog/site

Perhaps one of the most important considerations for any web site/blog is moderating comments/discussion and managing who has the ability to comment. By default, when a new site is created within the Lehigh WordPress instance (, commenting is limited to registered users only. Regardless of the default setting, it is strongly recommended to check your site's settings and confirm that it is set as you want it to be. See below for how to review your settings.

Verifying/Updating site discussion (commenting) settings

Log in to your site, and from your site dashboard, go to Settings > Discussion.

In the Other Comment Setttings section, verify that the setting for Users must be registered and logged in to comment... is checked. Unless you want to allow anonymous commenting on your site (which presents certain challenges and vulnerabilities), this setting should be checked and remain checked.

There are additional settings for moderation, blacklisted language, and other useful features on this same page.

More information and support

Learn more about commenting and managing discussion settings in WordPress.


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