Lehigh WordPress FAQ

Creating a Lehigh WordPress site

How do I create a site?

Every individual at Lehigh, with an active computing account (faculty, staff, and students) will have a personal site created automatically upon logging in for the first time at http://wordpress.lehigh.edu. See our getting started guide complete with screenshots and instructions.

What will my personal site URL be?


How do I request a site for a group, organization, grant, project, etc.?

Faculty and staff can request a group site by submitting a ticket to the Instructional Technology team via http://www.lehigh.edu/help (select the Instructional Technology option).

In order to have your request processed efficiently, please be sure to provide the following information:

  •  Site name (as it should read to site visitors)
  •  Desired URL (wordpress.lehigh.edu/[yoursitename])
  •  Who the site administrator(s) should be

Can I log in with a university organization (“in”) account to create a site?

Yes - however, Lehigh WordPress is not intended for department or College sites. For department and College sites, please contact the Web and Mobile Services team via http://www.lehigh.edu/help and select the Web & Mobile Apps Development option.

Basic site setup

How much space does my site give me?

Sites have unlimited space; however, and individual file upload cannot exceed the standard limit of 50 MB.

I have a WordPress site on another instance of WordPress (WordPress.com, another university, etc.), can I import content into my Lehigh WordPress site?

Yes, there is an import feature that you can access by logging into your Lehigh WordPress site and going to your Dashboard > Tools > Import. Please note, the site you want content imported into must already exist prior to running the import process.

If I leave Lehigh or choose to migrate to another platform, can I export my content?

Yes, there is an export feature that you can access by logging into your Lehigh WordPress site and going to your Dashboard > Tools > Export. Please note, you must be a site administrator of the site you want to export.

Can I add other individuals to my site and grant them editing or admin rights?

Yes. You can add anyone within the Lehigh WordPress instance, as long as they have logged in at least once (otherwise they will not appear in the system yet). If you want to add someone outside of the Lehigh WordPress instance, please contact the Instructional Technology team. Learn more about WordPress user roles, definitions, and permissions.

Can I change the look and feel of my site?

Sites are created using a Lehigh-branded theme by default. However, you can pick from hundreds of themes that have been vetted, approved, and made available to you from within the Lehigh WordPress instance.

How can I change the availability/visibility of my site, for example if I am developing content and do not want visitors to be able to see it?

You can set the Site Visibility by logging into your site and going to the Dashboard > Settings > Reading settings. Each setting is defined there so all you need to do is select the option that best-fits your needs and then click Save changes at the bottom of that page.

Using plugins

How can I add plugins to my site?

To activate an available plugin, log in to your site and go to the Dashboard > Plugins to view the list of available plugins. Learn more about plugins, see which are available, and how to activate them.

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