Wireless (WiFi) Connection Instructions

Personal Computers, Laptops and Tablets

The vast majority of current laptops and mobile computing devices have built in WiFi support sufficient to connect to Lehigh's secure enterprise-style wireless network. Plug-in adapters that support 802.11b/g/n are available for older laptops and can be purchased at most office or electronics stores. Your device must support the WPA2 Enterprise authentication standard that the "lehigh" wireless network uses. This standard allows LTS to limit network access only to people with Lehigh computing accounts.

Below you will find the basic standards/settings that your computer/device must support in order to connect to the wireless network at Lehigh.

Wireless Printers

Generally, it is not possible to connect a wireless printer to Lehigh's wireless network. Unlike residential-style wifi, Lehigh's network requires you to "log on" using both your Lehigh username (xxx0 or xxx123) and password.  Currently, most wireless printers do not have the ability to supply these credentials, and do it securely.  As a result, they cannot connect to Lehigh's wireless network. Students with wireless-capable printers should use a standard USB cable to connect the printer to their computer or USB hub.  Further, for devices capable of storing  Lehigh credentials, the security with which they do this is uncertain, and poses a security risk.

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