Printing: Find the Network Name of a Printer on the Lehigh LAN

The first step in connecting to and using a network printer is finding out it's network name.  

  • Devices on the Lehigh network are given hostnames that can be used interchangeably with their IP addresses.
  • Printer hostnames follow a naming convention:
    • format: 

  • These hostnames can be found in a number of places, but not all of the places have the same printers listed.
  • Most printers at Lehigh now have names in the 'printer' subdomain, like ""
  • Most printers have built-in webservers, such that you can enter their names into the address bar of a browser to see if they're online, and you have the right name.

Printer Name Sources

  1. The LTS Computing Site Printers List (LTS Computing Site Printers in confluence)
  2. The install share (Most departmental printers)
    1. Note:  All printers listed on the share are in the "" subdomain, so a listing like "iacocca-rma322-hp4015" refers to a printer with the full name "".
  3. The HelpDesk
  4. Your Computing Consultant
  5. A label on the printer itself

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