Example Moderated List

Mailing list owners moving from the legacy Mailman server over to Google Groups may want to reference the example provided here.

1.  Group Settings > General

Enable additional Google Groups features: No additional features

Who can see group:

  • Organization members (only @lehigh account holders can search for the group)
  • Anyone on the web (Anyone can search for the Group and see that it exists)

Who can join group:

  • Invited users only
  • Organization users only
  • Organization users can ask
  • Organization users can join, everyone else must ask
  • Anyone can ask
  • Anyone can join

Allow external members:

  • OFF limits membership to @lehigh.edu account holders (even if you send an invite)
  • ON allows people at other institutions to join the group

Who can view conversations: Group members
Who can post: Group members
Who can view members: Group members


2.  Member Privacy

Who can contact group owners: Group members

Who can view member email addresses: Group managers

3. Posting Policies

Allow Email Posting: CHECK

Allow Web Posting: CHECK

Conversation history: ON

Who can reply privately to authors: Group members

Who can attach files: Group members

Who can moderate content: Group managers

Who can moderate metadata: Group managers

Who can post as group: Group managers

Default sender: Group address

Message moderation: Moderate all messages (all messages must be reviewed and approved)

New member restrictions: No (additional) posting restrictions for new members

Spam message handling: Moderate and notify content moderators

Rejected message notification: ON

Include default rejected message response: This message will be emailed to people whose posts are rejected by moderation e.g.

“This is a moderated list. Any posts that do not meet our guidelines will not be accepted. If you believe your post was incorrectly moderated, please contact xxx@lehigh.edu


4. Email Options

Subject prefix: e.g. [$GroupName$ - ] 

Email footer: Include the standard Groups footer

Auto replies: UNCHECK all.

Post replies to: Sender chooses recipient, or consider using "All group members" to allow most open conversation among group members.


5. Member Moderation

Who can manage members: Group managers

Who can modify custom roles: Group owners


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