Web Camera & Conferencing Kits (Chat 170 + Webcam)

To borrow any of the following equipment please contact inmediad@lehigh.edu.

We have Conferencing kits for loan. Inside you'll find a ClearOne Chat 170 and a Logitech web camera. The Chat 170 is a speaker and a mic all in one. They are designed for small, live meetings and conferences and are compatible with Zoom and Panopto.

The Chat 170 connects to your computer via a USB cable. Each kit comes with extra USB to USB extension cables too so you can position the mic a little further away from the compute if needed. The position of the mic would be to place in the center of a group. The closer you are to the microphone the better the quality will be. Volume controls on the unit allow you to increase or decrease the speaker volume for playback. The microphone audio is automatic. It also has a giant mute button. When that light is flashing it means you're muted.

Each Conference kit also comes with a web camera. The kit either comes with the Logitech C920 or the Logitech Orbit AF. This Orbit sits on base and the C920 is designed to sit on top of a computer monitor or you can balance it on a table as well.

To learn more about the ClearOne conference kits and how to integrate them into your teaching, please contact us at inmediad@lehigh.edu.

We also have standalone Logitech C920's and a Logitech StreamCam that requires a USB-C port.

The Logitech StreamCam Plus is a high definition web camera capable of 1080p video and 60fps frame rates. It features facial tracking, a built in dual stereo microphone, and a 78 degree field of view, so more than one person can join the conversation. It is designed for live meetings and conferences and is compatible with Panopto and Zoom.


We have miniature tripods for stabilizing the web camera or you can also set the camera on top of a monitor or laptop screen.

To operate the camera simply plug in the provided USB-C cable and then make sure to change the video settings inside the application you are using to tell the app to utilize the Logitech StreamCam Plus.

We also have Logitech C920 and Orbit AF web cameras in our conferencing kits. To learn more about the Logitech StreamCam Plus web camera and how to integrate them into your teaching, please contact us at inmediad@lehigh.edu.

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