Classroom Phone Announcement System

To facilitate emergency announcements to instructors in classrooms, Library and Technology Services has implemented a service which uses Cisco classroom phones to receive emergency announcements via Hawkwatch.

Wall-mounted speakerphones have been installed near the instructor’s station in all Registrar classrooms on campus.  (Note that only campus and local calls can be made from these phones.)

Faculty should familiarize themselves with the location of these speakerphones in their classrooms. Please be sure to notify LTS immediately if the speakerphone is out of order (dial 8HELP, x.84357).

Here are some common questions and answers related to this new service:

What will happen when an announcement takes place?
The phone will ring and then automatically be answered so you hear the announcement via the speakerphone.

What if I’m already on the phone when the announcement comes through?
If you are making a 911 call, the announcement will not interrupt it but will come through when the call is complete.

What if I don’t understand the announcement and need more information?
An event that triggers a classroom broadcast announcement will also trigger other emergency notification channels: the University web pages, Hawkwatch text messaging, email and campus voice mail alerts. 

For immediate help, contact the LTS Help Desk (Hours)
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