Campus External Dialing Change from 9 to 7

Why are we making the change from using 9 to 7 for external calling?

In May 2018, we were required by Kari's Law to allow campus callers to directly dial 911.  We also continued to maintain the original emergency calling pattern, 9-911, which required callers to preface the call with the outside access digit 9.

Shortly after making this change, the Lehigh University Police department started - and have continued - to receive a high number of 911 misdials.  Whether a 911 call is real or a misdial, the police are still required to visit the originating location of each 911 call.  Misdialed 911 calls also strain the Northampton County 911 system and tax other resources which can cause unnecessary delays in services. To address these potentially serious issues, the university has decided to change the outside access digit from 9 to 7.

Starting June 8, 2021, you can make external calls by using the new outside access digit 7, plus the number you are dialing.  The original outside access digit 9 will still be available until July 19, 2021 at 6:00 p.m. After that time, only 911 and 9-911 will be valid dial patterns for 9, and you must use the new outside access digit 7 to get an outside line.


Can I continue to use 9 to get an outside line?

No - the outside access digit 9 was discontinued from use on 7/19/21.  

What about auto-dialers such as fax machines?

Please reprogram any auto-dialing devices such as fax machines.  After 7/19/21, any auto-dialers that have not been reprogramed for 7 will no longer work. For more information on how to reconfigure some of the common multi-function devices refer to tips for configuring autodialers.

Will I be able to dial 911 using 7?

Yes, 7-911 will work, along with 911 and 9-911. We highly recommend that you just use 911 for emergencies.

Is 1 required for US Area Code Dialing?

No, you are not required to dial a 1 when placing domestic calls.  All local, local toll and domestic calls can be dialed with 7 plus the area code and number - 7-XXX-XXX-XXXX .

What about other types of calls, like international or information - how do I dial them?

Please consult the campus telephone dialing instructions page.

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