Accessing Lehigh Static Webspace (via SSH)

Follow these steps to find your way to your Lehigh static webspace.  Editing and uploading files there are further topics, to be described elsewhere.  Click on the images to see an enlarged view if using Microsoft Windows.  Connecting from a Mac or Linux terminal window is similar.

1.  Open a command prompt window.  

To do this in Windows, click the Start button, and start typing 'cmd'.  When the 'Command Prompt' app icon appears, hit 'Enter'.

On a Mac, open the 'Terminal' app from the Utilities folder under Applications on the hard drive (when it opens, It will look very similar to the PC version displayed).

2.  At the command prompt, type "ssh <my_username>", replacing <my_username> with your own Lehigh username, for example "ssh"

If you're questioned about the 'authenticity of the host', type "yes" to add to your list of trusted systems.

3.  Enter your Lehigh password when prompted ( and respond to the Two-Factor prompt if you're off-campus and not using the VPN and your account is enabled for Duo. )

4.  Type "ls" to list the contents of your current directory position.  You should see at least two entries here: private and public.

5.  Type "cd public" and then "ls" again.  Here you should see a directory entitled "www-data".

Type "cd www-data".  HTML, jpg, and pdf files Inside this directory will be served to the web, and accessible as named.  If there's a file called 'index.html' it will be displayed by a browser pointed to "<username>" for any Lehigh username.

7.  To transfer files into and out of this directory, use an FTP program, such as scp, sftp, MobaXTerm or Fetch.

Folder Permissions

Please don't remove the www-data directory or change the linux file permissions.  They are setup by default so that files and folders under here are readable by the web server.  If you delete or change the permissions, it's a bit complicated to get it back.

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