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For users on the Lehigh network who need to connect to a printer directly rather than through the primary print server, follow the steps below:

1.  First, find the network name of the printer you're trying to connect to.

Follow instructions in "Printing: Find the Network Name of a Printer on the Lehigh LANFind and Connect to Printers on" to find your printer's network name.  Leave the window from that search open, so that you can copy and paste the name into the printer connection screen as shown below.

2.  Click Start > Settings > Devices > Printers and Faxes

Navigate to the Printers Control Panel in Settings, and click 'Add a printer or scanner'.  

3.  Click 'The printer I want isn't listed'.

Even if your printer _is_ listed, clicking here will give you the connection window, which will allow you to select different connection methods.  You may need to scroll down a bit to find the link.

4.  Click 'Add Printer by TCP/IP address or Hostname', and click 'Next'.

5.  In the 'Hostname or IP address' box, paste your printer's network name, and click 'Next'.

Make sure to leave out the ".lnk" from the list on, and append the rest of the network name, e.g. "".

6.  If asked, click 'Next' to use the 'Generic Network Card' profile.

Only select anything else if you're certain of the type of connection on your printer, like 'HP Jet Direct Card'.

7.  If asked, scroll to find your printer's manufacturer, and select the closest available driver for the model.

Most Lehigh departmental printers can use 'Universal' drivers provided by the manufacturer.  If printer features don't work correctly, see your Computing Consultant.

8.  If asked, generally, use the printer driver currently installed.

9.  Give your connection a meaningful name -- this is how it will appear in printing dialog boxes on your machine -- then click 'Next'.

10.  Generally, 'Do Not Share This Printer', and click 'Next'

It's already on the network . . . it doesn't need to be shared by you also.

11.  Check the box to set this as your 'Default' printer, click the 'Print Test Page' button to send a test job, and click 'Finish'.