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After installing IBM SPSS Statistics, it must be activated following the procedure below.

1.  When it first launches, IBM SPSS Statistics will show a license error

  • Click 'Launch License Wizard'.

1a. If you are renewing the license,

open the License Wizard manually

the process may be slightly different:

  • Windows:
    • Click the Windows Start button
    • Search "IBM SPSS License Authorization Wizard"
    • Click EnterWhen launching IBM SPSS Statistics, the same license error occurs. Click 'Launch License Wizard' from that window.
  • Mac:
    • Launch SPSS Statistics
    • Click File > Manage License
    • Click 'Launch License Wizard'

2.  At the "License Status" box, click 'Next'.

3.  On the next screen, select 'Authorized user license'.

4.  At the 'Enter Codes' screen, in the 'Enter Code' box, type the license key as listed on under your version of SPSS.

  • Then click 'Add', and then 'Next'.

5.  At the 'Internet Authentication Status' window, you should see an indication that 'Authorization Succeeded'.

  • Click 'Next' to continue.

6.  At the 'Licensing Completed' window, click 'Finish' to close the Licensing Wizard.