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To borrow any of the following equipment please contact

We have USB mics that can be borrowed from the Digital Media Studio made by Blue. This particular model is called the Yeti and it's is a very intuitive microphone that will give you good quality audio. The Yeti can be used for live meetings or pre-recorded content. It is compatible with both Panopto and Zoom.

It features an internal gain adjustment, headphone jack for monitoring and 4 different adjustable pickup patterns. The Yeti is plug and play on both Mac or PC. It can be used with audio/video recording software like Audacity, iMovie and Final Cut. In those cases, post production would be necessary. To use the microphone, you would need to simply plug in the USB cable and select the device from your software’s audio input selection area. In addition to recording lectures, podcasts and narrations these microphones can also be used with Zoom, Skype or other live conferencing softwares.

To learn more about the Blue Yeti USB microphones and how to integrate it into your teaching, please contact us at